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Web Design in Milton Keynes

That’s our chosen power keyword, what’s yours?

Milton Keynes Web Design, is generally what we perceive to be our strongest keyword, however although we are based in Milton Keynes, many of our clients come from surrounding areas. This seems to stem from our targeting of other towns and areas, anywhere where we can provide the highest quality service with our clients, that usually involves Paul going to meetings to work out the clients exact requirements.

It is sometimes difficult to work out exactly what people search for when looking for our services. Analytics and other reports give us the data, but what’s going through the mind of the actual human who’s performing the search? What are their expectations when they are given the long list of web design companies?

Choose wisely!

Google always displays the Title tags (the text at the top of your browser window) first and then follows a description which should, if the site has been coded and optimized correctly, display  a brief description of what the user should find on that page.

At ADD Creative we always do some research and come up with suitable Title tags and Description for each page for all our clients, as when these are crawled by the Google search engine spiders it’s important to get it right first time. Mainly because the time it takes for Google to update can vary between a day and sometimes more than a month.

What should i be putting in my title tags?

Your core keywords are important so be sure to include them in your title tags, for example, make sure you include those first and generally only once is needed. So for example our title tags for ADD Creative’s homepage is:

Web Design Milton Keynes, Bedford and Northampton – ADD Creative

We tend to target specific locations so you can see we have included city names and our core keywords ‘web’ and ‘design’. If you then look through our pages you will see how we make sure that we are specific about who we are, what we do, and also, where we do it. These are the things a potential customer wants to know, and also the content is relevant to what people have typed in to Google search.

What are your golden keywords?

Why not check your content to see if there is a match between your title, headings and the content. And try searching and picking out your strongest keywords.

Getting your site indexed on Google quickly

Over time at some point Google should find your site in a variety of ways:

1) Submission, you literally give Google your site to index in the search engine.

2) Have your site crawled by Google’s spiders automatically. Google is indexing all the time, and it sends ‘spiders’ going through links and then compiling its listings. If you add your website to a directory the link itself will then guide Google towards your site. This is generally a good way of appearing in the listings quicker than just submitting your site to Google.

The time it takes for indexing varies, but the more inbound links you have the better and the quicker it should be for Google to find you and start listing you. Where you appear for your keywords all depends on how your site is optimized and written.

If you got questions about how you can improve your site, just give us a call on 01425 340508.

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