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Archive for April 2011

Introducing Perton’s Foods : New Client

We have just set another new client site live today, Perton’s Gourmet Foods are a Kent based company who have just launched their exciting on-line delicatessen of produce from Britain and the rest of the world. They deliver directly to the door and have a range of fantastic products from biscuits to special juices all packaged in a neat looking web site.

They needed a robust brochure site and a online store building into it so we styled and implemented their store but also doing a fully validating brochure site with enquiry forms and some great looking stylized images.

The Store

The store is a simple and effective with PayPal Business integration and is built on the OpenCart system, and then modified by ourselves.

Photography for the products and entering all the items was by Perton’s and it really makes for a slick looking online store. Why not have a look and see our talents when it comes to e-commerce.

To visit Perton’s foods go to…

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We’re live at last!

It’s been a couple of months in the making, but our fab new website is now live, with all sorts of new goodies available.

As a web design company it would have been easy for us to throw up any old site, but that’s not the way we work, so a lot of research went into our new design. We looked into how best to communicate with new customers, spent an age learning from existing customers; what works for them and what doesn’t, and we’re pretty thrilled with the results.

So what’s new?

Well we’ve:

  • Developed a colourful new clean looking design
  • Made sure potential and existing customers can find the key information
  • Added a great portfolio section, showcasing our latest clients and designs
  • Added our social media links so clients can connect with us in more than one place
  • Upgraded our blog so we can keep you up to date with news
  • Breathed a sigh of relief that it looks great!

In 2011 we want to take an extremely proactive stance with our customers, rather than just being reactive – as the premier web design company in Milton Keynes we feel we owe it to the clients that helped us to become so.

We’d love to hear what you think about our new site, so why not tell us in the comments below?

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A new fresh addition to our portfolio…

ADD Creative welcomes – AA Fresh Cleaning

We have just today launched the new web site for – A Northampton based professional cleaning company who now have a cosy little home on the web. The brief was quite simple, they wanted a clean and modern design that gets their point across and their professional services.

I would say that this is a perfect example of a small brochure site, containing good on site SEO which should help to get them indexed into the Google search engine.

About the design

The design uses rounded edges softening the style and the colours of blue and green were chosen to fit in with the conventions of the cleaning industry, we also worked our magic with some great jQuery changing images and a contact form allowing the visitors numerous ways to get in touch with the guys at AA Fresh Cleaning.

A nifty little project and a smart functional little site… we are currently developing our own custom CMS allowing Fresh Clean to edit and modify their text content as they go along.

Why not have a look at their site…

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