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Will a website get me new customers?

This is one of the common questions we get asked as web designers, to answer it can be quite difficult as every business is different and some business obviously do not need an internet presence. However you would be surprised at what new revenue a website could give you.

As a consumer yourself, you need to be in the mindset of your customers, it’s very rare that customers will just look at one place when choosing where to spend their money, look, functionality are  important because we all know, impressions last.

How does a new website or reworked website make me more money?

Quite simply, we can design sites that engage the customer in intuitive ways that will hopefully lead them to contact you. Style, presentation are key but also how your content is managed, placed and written play big parts. In the current days of the browser wars, sites sometimes display ever so slightly different, in some cases the difference is dramatic, maybe causing the pages not to display as intended, how do you think a customer reacts when they go to your site but it doesn’t show images or boxes correctly, or even text?

We make sure we do the very best to get websites working cross platform in all browsers on PCs and Macs. some designers only worry about the big share browsers. We know that every browser has its quirks and we try to iron out any problems, can you say your website works perfectly on all browsers? You might be surprised. It can be a clincher for getting a customer.

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