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What images can i use on my web site?

Did you know you need to have permission from the copyright owner for any images used on your site or in your design? The days of going on Google image search and using the millions of images from there are long gone. This was common practice in the early part of this decade but recently large firms are putting a stop to unauthorized images.

If I need pictures for my website where do I go?

You have two options, pay for stock photography, for a small fee, sometimes as small as 50p you can have unlimited use of a professionally taken photograph. Of course like with every industry you get what you pay for. The better the quality (not just in terms of technical quality) the more expensive the image will be to buy. However, be careful, read the terms and conditions of your agreement for the image carefully, some specify that images cannot be used in certain ways or be modified from their original state.

Always be careful to check the terms and conditions when you buy your imagery, most online stock photo sites have their terms and conditions specific for each photo. As everyone is different make sure if it’s for your business web site that you can use the image for commercial purposes. It’s aiding you sell your product which is why you need to read the small print.

Of course there are other ways to get the right imagery for your web site, take the pictures yourself. At ADD Creative we have the facilities to take good quality images and using photo manipulation software turn them into vibrant exciting imagery. Professional photographers are needed for exclusive shots that you will need, you will find prices vary, but anything around £600 a day for a good photographer is what to be expected.

Good, well thought out imagery is very important, it can be the difference between a inquiry and a sale, bring some brilliant photography to your site and wow your visitors. Strong brand identity mixed in with clear colourful photography is a winning combination.

If you have any questions about imagery for your site, why not get in touch?

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