Our Kenya Project

In October 2009 ADD Creative sent two crew to Chakama Village, Kenya to help Italian fund raiser www.karibuvillage.com produce a 1 hour documentary film showing the conditions and way of life of Chakama village.

ADD Creative aim to raise awareness around the world about poverty and struggle in poor countries such as Kenya. People’s perception of Kenya can be incredible safari’s, wildlife and tourism but the reality is that Kenya has problems with disease, money and clean water which can sometimes be overlooked. The tourist industry in Kenya only helps to a degree, but that money and help scarcely reaches out into the wilderness where tens of thousands of people live and work.

Chakama is a village about 60km from Malindi, its right on the cusp of Tsavo East National Park, in the last few years KaribuVillage.com have been striving to build a school, well and other important foundations to provide a poor village with a self-sustaining future. Part of the plan is in place, the school and now the well and water system is being started, not built by volunteers but by the villagers themselves.

When ADD heard of the project we instantly wanted to be involved and decided to send two of our staff over to the village to help create the documentary, using our film, photography and design elements we hope the movie can gain new investment and show Kenya in a different light.

Currently the movie is in post production, the trailer will appear here as soon as it is released, but for a taste of whats to come there are some images below.

If you want to help or donate to the cause please contact us

A house in Kenya Paul and James Toby and Sammy The River The Road to Chakama

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